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Flights from Vietnam, reservations can be made according to your request

Airplanes are attractive for speed and comfort. The longest distance from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh can be moved in about two hours, so it is recommended for those who want to travel efficiently! We accept domestic and international flight ticketing, reconfirmation, etc.
Basically, it will be guided by Vietnam Airlines / Vietnam departures, but we will make suggestions according to your wishes.There is an office in the area, so emergency response such as the need for next day ticketing is also possible! Please contact TNK Japanese Desk for details.

Reservations for international and domestic flights are possible.

We can propose air tickets according to your needs.In addition to the fee, we can make proposals according to your various requests. Propose cheaper rates than just one airline, but offer a unique price for a local travel company, such as assembling an airline schedule in combination with local tours, while following the desired time. I will.We will search for flights from Vietnam to Japan, as well as flights from Vietnam to Japan, and all other countries in cities and countries. Various payment methods are possible if there is consultation about the payment method.

Full support after arrangements! Of course, we will also respond to inquiries, etc. regarding red invoices unique to those living in Vietnam regarding the use of airline lounges and in-flight meals. Especially for sudden schedule changes and cancellations, we are not only responding to e-mails but also providing information promptly by phone. We will contact you as soon as we know about the delay information.Since it is a travel agency, local airport transfers and hotel reservations are also possible. If you consult with local tours, we will assemble your itinerary.We will support your trip including not only air ticket arrangement but also solid follow-up!

Ticket reservation form

This form will receive an email from the customer, after confirming the availability, we will contact you by email with the date and amount.
We will receive your consent by e-mail and make a proxy reservation with TNK Travel JAPAN after confirming the payment.Please check here for usage

Customer information* mark is required.

If there is no local connection number, enter the Japanese number.In addition,
we use LINE, and you can enter your LINE ID.
Basically we will not call you, but we will contact you if you cannot confirm by email or in case of
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Reservation ticket information

The passport numbers of all passengers are required, so if you are traveling with you, you will need the passport numbers for all passengers. If you contact us by e-mail at a later date, we will check it, so please be prepared.
If the information you entered is different from your passport notation, you may not be able to board the plane or you may need to purchase a new plane ticket.

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TNK Travel JAPAN Other Services

We also offer local services such as package tours, golf tours, cheap Wifi rentals, and homestays.!
Please feel free to contact us first.

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