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Charges and overview

Product code:010.MK1
$41〜/ 1 person (adult 13 years old and over)
$31〜/ 1 person (10-12 years old)
$21〜/ 1 person (3-9 years old)
Under 2 years free
Schedule overview: Day tour 8: 00 ~ 17: 00 (approx. 9 hours)
Departure location: Ho Chi Minh

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The attractions and highlights of the tour

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Period: December 15, 2019 - January 15, 2020

[Group and mixed tour]
《Ho Chi Minh's Most Popular Tour》
One of the most popular NO1 tours from Ho Chi Minh is the Mekong Delta Day Trip. If you come to Ho Chi Minh, it is one of the spots you should definitely visit.
Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and see the magnificent Mekong River on the Mekong River Cruise, where rich nature takes you to a healing space.

《Travel around 5 countries-Mekong River and Mekong Delta》
A large river with a total length of about 4200km that flows from the outback of Tibet and flows through Southeast Asian countries into the South China Sea. The fertile land that spreads over the estuary is called the Mekong Delta.
From Ho Chi Minh City, you will arrive at the city of Miteau, which is the gateway to the Mekong Delta in about an hour and a half.
Boasting abundant water sources, it boasts rice production that can be called a Vietnamese food store. It is also processed into rice paper and rice flour noodles that are indispensable for Vietnamese cuisine.
Cultivation of tropical fruits such as mango and coconut and shrimp farming are also actively conducted.
Not only enjoy the majestic nature, but also the fertile land that produces the “food” that supports the growth of Vietnam and the people living with the Taiga.

《Mekong Delta Specialty》
The lunch of the tour includes an elephant ear fish, famous for its Mekong Delta. Fried elephant ear fish is placed on rice paper and wrapped with vegetables and rice flour noodles.
The best souvenirs are coconut candy and coconut soap. Coconut contains whitening ingredients as well as various beneficial effects on the body, and the staff is also loyal. Coconut oil, which has become a boom in Japan, can be obtained cheaply with Mekong Delta.

[Optional (paid) service]
(If you proceed to purchase, you can select)
・ Local cafeteria experience with local staff after dissolution! : $ 20
・ Saigon River Dinner Cruise Ticket for Night View: $ 27
・ Vietnam Traditional Water Puppet Ticket: $ 18

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7:30 - 8:00: We will gather at our designated hotel or our Detham office.
(In the case of a hotel group, the time varies depending on the hotel.)
From here our de Tam office location
* Please check the following URL for hotels that can be picked up.
List of hotels that can be picked up for free (Main hotels in Ho Chi Minh City 1)
8:00: Departure for the Mekong Delta.

After arriving at Mekong Delta, change to a boat.
12:00: Lunch time
⭐ Mekong Delta specialties Elephant Year Fish.
afternoon: Miteau tourism
Visit Mituto, one of the most famous coconut producing areas!

⭐ Visit to the Coconut Candy Factory
Freshly made squirt coconut candy is exquisite.
⭐ Visit to honey farm
Let's put your finger in hundreds of bees!
⭐ Snake contact
Mekong's specialty !? Wake a snake around your neck!
⭐ Long-awaited rowing boat
Please feel the nature of Mekong Delta with your skin!
15:00: After the cruise, head to Echochoji.

A huge temple filled with the history of Vietnam that mixes Buddhist, Khmer, Chinese and French architecture!
17:00: Arrival in Ho Chi Minh City
It will be dissolved in front of TNK Travel Datum Office.

Introduction of places you can visit on this tour

Mekong Delta's leading towns-My Tho and Ben Tre

A one-hour 30-minute drive southwest of Ho Chi Minh City on National Highway 1.
Mitoh is a town that can be called the entrance of the Mekong Delta region.
While it is the home of southern specialty rice flour noodles Futhiu noodles, it also has abundant fruits such as mango, longan and rambutan.
Bence is about 15 minutes further from Miteau, across the bridge by car.
It is a country town with many palm trees and is known as a famous coconut region.
Coconut candy, 100% pure coconut oil and coconut soap are popular souvenirs.

Other recommended tours

I want to take a picture unintentionally! Visit photogenic spots!

Charge $35〜 Price per person

[Instagram! ] Ho Chi Minh Photogenic Tour (Departing in the morning)

Fall / Winter & New Year's holiday campaign now being held! 10% off during the target period!
[Group and mixed tour]
Recommended for girls traveling! A photogenic tour that condenses the “cute” of Ho Chi Minh! There are also visits to secret spots that cannot be visited by regular city tours. Efficiently travels in about 3 hours and breaks up around noon

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2 days and 1 night from Ho Chi Minh City! A full package tour

Charge $498〜 Price per person

2 days of content! ! Angkor Wat Sightseeing 1 Night 2 Day Tour from Ho Chi Minh City

Package Tour from Ho Chi Minh City (1 night 2 days)
Fly to Angkor Wat, Cambodia, a World Heritage site right next to Vietnam! This is a cheap plan including a round-trip air ticket from Ho Chi Minh City and an entrance fee to the ruins! Once you arrive in Cambodia, a Japanese guide will guide you through the airport from pick-up to delivery.

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Stroll along the new night spot, Bui Vien Street!

Charge $20〜 Price per person

Pedestrian Heaven Ho Chi Minh's New Night Spot, Bui Vien Street Rickshaw Experience Walking Tour

[Group and mixed tour]
After enjoying the night view of Ho Chi Minh on the Cyclo, this is a tour where you can take a stroll through Bui Vien Street, the new hot spot in Ho Chi Minh. Let's take a walk with a guide in the bar street that becomes a pedestrian paradise on weekends only.

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Finally revived after two years. Luxury cruise ship Bonsai Legacy.

Charge $75〜 Price per person

[Saigon River Dinner Cruise] Gorgeous night in Ho Chi Minh on Bonsai (guide accompanied plan)

[Group and mixed tour]
Finally revived after two years. Luxury cruise ship Bonsai Legacy. The night view of Vietnam's largest commercial city, Ho Chi Minh, is breathtakingly beautiful. Two years after the suspension of operation, the Bonsai was reborn as the Bonsai Legacy. The hull is bigger and the inside of the ship becomes more beautiful

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